Prague, 1240 Anno Domini

The Long Night as ended, the Princes of Europe prepare for the accomplishment of their own greed.

Prague sits in the nexus of the coming war, between two castles, between east and west. The Ventrue push towards the east, leading the Teutonic charge. The Tzimisce respond by pushing west, trying to force the Tremere out of their land.

Sides in the middle are not as clear, intrigue is the national currency as the local cainites seek to forge a place in the growing power that will one day become the capital of the Holy Roman Empire.

The risks are high, but the opportunities are golden for those who manage to set foothold, the price is final death… or worse.


Q: What system does the campaign use? A: The system is an adaptation of the NWOD Storyteller system to fit the OWOD world. Although all the same clans and factions from OWOD remain, the rolls and sheets are handled as per NWOD.

Q: How is this campaign ran?
A: On the forums, play-by-post (pbp)

Q: What is the scope of the campaign?
A: It will be a series of semi-disjointed episodes that that travels through a lot of the metaplot and history, from Dark Ages to Gehenna. The first episode is Mezihradi, which covers Prague in the years 1200-1500.

NOTE: We reserve the right to take liberties with metaplot and history.

Q: How long has the campaign been running?
A: A few months, which have covered the introduction to the first episode. The first major intrigues are beginning to unfold.

Q: How do I join?
A: Create an account in – Note, you need to answer a question to create an account, the answer is “between two castles”. This is a measure we had to implement to avoid spammers.

Q: I have a few questions on this campaign, who do I contact or where can I find answers?
A: Register to the site and you’ll be able to see FAQs and post, feel free to ask anything.

Blood Sun Rising

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